The Display Master4 is a microprocessor-based engine/generator controller for monitoring and control of diesel or gas powered engine-generator sets. It provides a complete array of operational, protection, automation and display features for automatically controlling and monitoring an engine/generator set. All standard and optional features of the Display Master4 are configurable from the front panel keypad and LCD display and are security password protected. The 2 row 16 character LCD display screen prompts are in plain English, providing a user-friendly operator interface. The solid-state microprocessor design provides high accuracy for all voltage monitoring, current monitoring and timing functions as well as providing many standard features which are normally only available with expensive add-on equipment.


The Displaymaster 5 remote annunciator can be installed up to 4000 ft. away from the Displaymaster 4 control panel on your generator. It provides remote status notification of most of the functions on the Displaymaster 4, as well as a dry contact relay for each function with normally open and normally closed contacts. It also has inputs for both the generator and utility status outputs from the transfer switch, and states which power source is connected at the time.


The RemoteMaster is a multi-purpose communications add-on module that gets installed inside the DisplayMaster box as an option and requires an internet connection. Once its installed you can log in from anywhere with your computer or cell phone using an IP address on any standard web browser. When logged in It allows you to monitor or control the unit start, stop, change settings etc. You can view event history or setup so it sends email notifications for shutdowns, pre-alarms, status change and other events. Its also an complete SNMP agent with all instrumentation and status values available for polling, turn relays on and off using SNMP SET commands and configurable SNMP trap notifications for shutdown, alarm, status change and other events.