The Display Master4 is a microprocessor-based engine/generator controller for monitoring and control of diesel or gas powered engine-generator sets. It provides a complete array of operational, protection, automation and display features for automatically controlling and monitoring an engine/generator set. All standard and optional features of the Display Master4 are configurable from the front panel keypad and LCD display and are security password protected. The 2 row 16 character LCD display screen prompts are in plain English, providing a user-friendly operator interface. The solid-state microprocessor design provides high accuracy for all voltage monitoring, current monitoring and timing functions as well as providing many standard features which are normally only available with expensive add-on equipment.




  • Rugged solid state microprocessor design
  • 16 character, 2 line backlit LCD display
  • Easy keypad programming of all set points, password protected for security
  • Remote start/stop capability
  • System lock feature disables starting of generator for maintainance purposes (requires password to unlock)



  • Accurate digital readout of AC volts, amps, phase, frequency, kW, kVA, power factor, battery volts, runtime hours, oil pressure and water temperature
  • Indicator lights for normal operation, pre-alarm and fault conditions
  • Indicator light for remote start signal
  • All shutdowns display on screen until system is reset



  • Audible alarm for shutdowns and/or pre-alarms
  • 6 user configurable dry contact relay outputs (plug in sockets for readily available relays)
  • 8 user configurable digital inputs
  • Plug-in terminal connectors for easy curcuit board replacement



  • Low engine temp
  • Over/Under speed
  • High Engine temp
  • Mag pickup failure
  • Low oil pressure
  • Unit NOT IN AUTO
  • Low oil level
  • Fuel/Crank Fuse
  • High intake air temperature
  • Low fuel level
  • Oil pressure sender fail
  • Low coolant level
  • High/Low battery volts
  • Charger failure
  • Over/under voltage
  • Over-current
  • Fuel tank leak
  • Oil/temp sender fail
  • High/Low gas pressure
  • High room temp
  • Relay failures
  • Service engine
  • High room temperature
  • Comms failure


  • High engine temp
  • Over speed
  • Low oil pressure
  • Over crank
  • Low fuel level
  • Under speed
  • Low coolant level
  • No speed signal
  • High oil temp
  • Emergency stop
  • Low battery
  • Weak battery
  • Fuel/Crank fuse
  • Fuel/Crank relay failure
  • Under/Over voltage
  • Over-current
  • High exhaust temp
  • High intake air temp
  • Shutter vent failed
  • Ground fault
  • Low gas pressure
  • High gas pressure 


DC Power Supply:
AC Voltage Inputs:
High Impedance Inputs:
Current Transformer Inputs:
Digital Inputs:
Relay Outputs:
Analog Inputs:

Ambient temperature (operating):
Ambient temperature (storage):
Ambient humidity:



Powder coated 16 ga steel
12 or 24VDC (8 to 40VDC)
Rated (LN-N/LN-LN): 346/600Vac   |   Configurable: 120/240/480/600Vac
Wye, Delta, Offset Delta
50/60Hz (10 to 90Hz)
AC line input resistance: 3Mohm
Rated (per line) 5A
Contact to Ground (12V max) 
16A 277Vac/30Vdc   |   30A 277Vac/30Vdc
7V bias, 12 bit resolution

-20° to 85° C
-40° to 95° C
90% non-condensing

13.5W x 12D x 10H (in)

CSA 22.2, UL508, UL2200