The Displaymaster 5 remote annunciator can be installed up to 4000 ft. away from the Displaymaster 4 control panel on your generator. It provides remote status notification of most of the functions on the Displaymaster 4, as well as a dry contact relay for each function with normally open and normally closed contacts. It also has inputs for both the generator and utility status outputs from the transfer switch, and states which power source is connected at the time.


CONTROL keypad

  • Displays generator and transfer switch status with all pre-alarms and shutdowns
  • Can be located 4000 feet away from generator
  • Audible alarm with silence button
  • Dry contact relay that activates with each light
  • Microprocessor controlled, RS485 communications
  • 6 wire interface
  • Separate indicator lights for each pre-alarm/fault with lamp test
  • Separate relay output contacts (NO & NC) for pre-alarms & faults/shutdowns
  • Transfer switch contact inputs for Utiltiy/Generator connected indication & relay contacts
  • System Okay indication showing no faults/prealarms at a glance
  • Generator running indication showing when genset is running at nominal speed and ready to accept load
  • Audible alarm for pre-alarms & faults/shutdowns with mute button
  • Remotely connects to DisplayMaster4 up to 2000ft away (RS-485)



  • Unit NOT IN AUTO
  • Low oil pressure
  • High Engine temperature
  • Low engine temperature
  • Low battery volts
  • Low fuel level
  • ATS bypassed
  • Vents not open


  • Low oil pressure
  • High engine temp
  • Overcrank
  • No speed signal
  • Under speed
  • Over speed
  • Over voltage
  • Low coolant level
  • Low fuel level
  • Overcurrent
  • Emergency Stop


DC power supply:
Digital inputs:
Relay outputs:
Ambient temperature (operating):
Ambient temperature (storage):
Ambient humidity:


Powder Coated 16 ga steel
12 or 24VDC (8 to 40VDC)
Contact to Ground (12V max)
5A 250Vac/30Vdc
-20° to 85° C
-40° to 95° C
90% non-condensing
10W x 10D x 4H (in)

CSA 22.2, UL508