Diesel gensets



AB Gensets full line of diesel generator sets are built with top quality brushless revolving field alternators providing 1% automatic voltage regulation from 10 to 600 Kw. These are directly coupled to a heavy duty 4-cycle generator drive spec engine and mounted on a solid welded C-channel base frame with rubber isolators to minimize vibration. Each set is factory tested at 100% load to ensure that they are capable of the advertised output and to ensure that the governor drop is no more than 3% from no load to full load.

Standard Equipment

Displaymaster 4 control panel, Batteries and battery cables, Battery charging alternator, Automatic trickle charger, Engine jacket water heater, Engine oil and coolant, Complete exhaust system, includes muffler, bellows connector, rain cap, clamps and 5 ft. of pipe.


Optional Equipment

Main breaker, Automatic idle on warmup and cooldown, Permanent magnet generator (PMG), provides 300% short circuit withstanding capability, Pre-alarm and fault relay contacts 10A, 29 light remote annunciator with relay contacts for all pre-alarms and faults.